A Hammer mill is employed where high reduction and small or finer particle size is required. Persistent is having a wide range of models of Reversible swing Hammer Mill suitable for various duty condition I.e. Primary, secondary and tertiary application. For heavy duty i.e. Primary and secondary application heavier duty Hammer Mills are used for crushing limestone, Dolomite, Clinker and similar medium hard material (up to moderately abrasive) mainly for cement plant requirement. High Speed light Hammer models are ideally suitable for One Coal crushing for Coke Oven and Lime Crushing for sinter plant.

Salient Features

It is consisting of housing with multiple section, 2Nos hinged grinding walls, rotor assembly with swing hammer mounted on arms or without arms and with or without grate ber(open bottom). The top housing can be swung out mechanically or hydraulically for ease of maintenance. The grinding walls each hinged at the top are provided with mechanical or hydraulic gap adjustment at the bottom to compensate wear loss. In grate bar design the lower half is provided with hinged grate bar with suitable opening while top half N provided with hinged grinding walls on both sides. Hammer and Grinding jibs are made of high quality alloy steel castings. Side liners are provided on exposed area. The drive system from motor is consisting of vee belt and jack shaft or directly though gear box and fluid coupling. Variable drive system is also mailable on request.
  • Open Bottom design is non clogging and clear out tramp iron instantaneously.
  • Separate Hammer tips on arm reduces spares cost substantially.
  • PHTC unique long arm design enables it to maintain consistency of product granulometry against wearing of hammers to great extent. Also long arm allows very closer setting for finer product out put.
  • Long length of grinding jib ensures high reduction ratio
  • Multiple segmented housing with adequate inspection doors provided for ease of maintenance
  • Electronic under speed switch hips the drive motor in case of jamming.
  • Hydraulic housing opening saves maintenance time.
  • Centralized grease lubrication system can be provided on
AVAILABLE SIZE (mm) TYPE Nominal Motor Power (kW) Approx Wt. (Kg.) WM DrNe
400 400 to 600 Reversible 9 to 1 1 1000 to 1400
600 600 Non Reversible 18.5 2000
800 400 to 1000 Reversible 22 to 75 3300 to 6500
1000 600 to 1200 Reversible 45 to 90 6500 to 12500
1200 800 to 1200 Reversible 55 to 160 9500 to 12000
1400 1400 to 1600 Reversible 225 to 300 19000 to 25000
1600 1600 to 2000 Reversible 300 to 450 24000 to 32000
1800 2000 to 2200 Reversible 600 to 670 45000 to 75000
2000 2200 Reversible 750 48000